About me 

Hi it's Patrick

(Bazick Connor) for those who know me through networks like Facebook and instagram I am 33 years old living in the Atlantic dormouse near Nantes and I like what rolls with two wheels bicycles, scooters, electric motorcycles but the bicycle has a more particular attention has my direction for the small history I did not invent anything.


It all started with a desire to pass on my passion, which drives me, when I go out on weekends, it's to go further in terms of kilometers.


How I got here and you? Tell me more Lol, for my part at the base like any good resourceful I wanted an electric bike that of my dreams.


A lot of research 4 years ago the prices of the bikes were too expensive for me by chance I came across a video on Youtube while browsing in my spare time because I had typed super fast electric bike (Speed E-bike) and at this moment I discovered a new world.


This blog is for me a way to say that it would be possible because I managed to have mine from scratch.


  Welcome, happy reading


       Thank you  ​​​​

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